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Employee Assistance Program

for wellbeing and work ethics

Do you believe in investing in your workforce?

Do you struggle with communicating your values to employees?

Do you believe in the values (company's vision)?

Do you still operate from an outdated orthodox hierarchical authority? And do you feel this is the right way?

Do you struggle with a lack of employee loyalty and Integrity?

I am here to aid business owners and employers in understanding the crucial laws of the universe related to a successful business and outstanding growth. These two key factors (compassion and Integrity) are necessary to ensure a sense of belonging (applying some positive Arabic tribal values to the company), happiness, growth, flourishing, and overall positivity.

Remember your Conscious Awareness is part of your Happiness!

I can provide you with an introductory course to clean up the old programs- according to your needs and concerns- and energy so you can welcome new ones.


  • To increase productivity, creativity, achievement

  • To create a positive work environment

  • To bridge the gap between employers' values  and employees' values

  • To increase engagement for employees


  • to enhance mental health and wellness among employees

  • to promote work ethics: Integrity & Accountability

  • to develop group coherence and effective teamwork


  • To help employees reach inner peace and a state of contentment and satisfaction

  • To educate employees about the importance of their mental health and wellbeing

  • To create a healthy work environment through understanding the cognitive, emotional, and behaviors of oneself and their co-worker

  • To educate employees about the relationship between morality (moral attitude) and mental health

  • ​To increase the sustainability of employee


Introduction to meditation: a scientific and Islamic perspective

  • Inner peace and the power of deep breathing and sitting intention

  • Self-care and self-love


​Essential tips for self-awareness and the relationship between self-awareness and awareness of others

  •  Mindfulness: definition and practice

​Introduction of emotions and thoughts:

  • How do we monitor feelings, emotions, and bodily sensations 

  • Thoughts, beliefs, and programs: how do we monitor thoughts, the power of spoken words.

  • Dr. Hawkins's scale of consciousness: practice

The power of gratitude and connection to God Almighty

Practice and exercise: brain and heart coherence, and heart connection: "أم لهم قلوب لا يعقلون بها"

Note: this program can be taught in person and online, and it would take at least 8 hours of teaching and practice

For inquiries: WhatsApp

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