This project is the keystone of living a happy and balanced life.


That is achieved by mentally, spiritually, and physically healthy individuals who are capable, responsible, virtuous, and productive. 



This project's ultimate global implications are Rising human/ earth consciousness and emphasizing the integration of new earth frequencies into individuals frequencies.



  • Upgrading the outdated belief systems that associate with low vibrations

  • Rising ethical behavior and morality related to highly civilized nations.

  • Improving a positive attitude of responsible behavior 

  • building the knowledge of real inner power and the universal power

  • Healing and Improving mental, physical, and spiritual health

  • Aligning with New Erath

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Implementation of Positive change by the followings:


  • Transmutation of the negative electromagnetic field that is created by negative thought sand judgment into positive

  • Adapting the new challenges and fast pace worldly changes

  • Create and sustain a vibrant, harmonious, and peaceful society

  • Ascension of conciseness

  • Ascension of Islamic values  

  • Increasing the level of happiness of individuals 

  • Happy Nation of Light 

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  1. Reducing negative vibrations of the collective thoughts and emotions

  2. Education the Saudi society about the meditation program

  3. building a new way of life through experiencing a life-changing meditation to private and governmental sects

  4.  Rising unity in the collective consciousness of the Saudi society through the practice of Meditation Program

  5.  increasing adaptability to the national and international changes

  6. Increasing proper responsiveness to the new Normal and new Earth

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Now it's Time!

One must wonder why the great philosopher Plato came up with the surreal thought of UTOPIA? The ideal and perfect City of Light, where everyone lives in harmony and happy forever and ever, where the whole society is healthy abundant, and prosperous. We all have learned that this notion is 100% unfeasible and unreachable, just because we have known and programmed that there are lots and lots of impossible around and within us, and the hardship and difficulties are an inseparable part of life. 

We might have a preconceived notion that heaven only exists in a different time/ space and dimension, and there is no physical place for the garden of Eden since our great grandparents Adam and Eve had eaten from that tree. 

Do you think that we need to read between the lines of what we have learned? and unlearn the outdated information by downloading our minds with updated thoughts and beliefs that serve us to live according to the New Normal of this exciting time (The Era of Social distancing and AI) 

The significant part that we know about the history of humanities is that it is full of destruction, dramas, corruption, and scarcity, which is the best proof of the false ideal City of Light? Utopia.  Hence,  History is repeating itself as our current chaotic modern world proves this wishful thinking. However, don’t we also need to rewrite history? And create a brand new history that has infinite possibilities and erase the word IMPOSSIBLE.  

Should we discover our real power that lies within hearts and minds intelligence? Don’t we need to question first and at most the source of our information and whatever we learned about who we really are and the world that is part of us? 

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.


Now imagine that the light that created everything is coming down from above into your body, and the light is located on the core of the earth is coming up to your body. Feel the light from above and below shining like a great sun in your heart, expand your light out to the source of all creation/ pure white light, and feel the space that your body is taking into the field…Can you feel the space around your body and in your body?  Now, imagine that this conscious City of light Exists. And let this light shine off from your hearts by thinking that YOU ARE the change you want to witness in the world.  Can you do this meditation every day? 

Suppose we can think twice as one individual or big collective of the fact that we are a co-creator of our lives and reality. If we can rethink and re-examine our thoughts and beliefs about oneself and the world around us, we would have the ascension foundation.
Our Great Kingdom is in significant needs of ascended minds and souls, as the Vision can not be reached without powerful and faithful souls.  

Now and only Now is the Time to reclaim our authentic power of being God successors on earth. We are the Light-beings that created from the light, the very soul of the Creator Almighty. We genuinely believe that we can create that sophisticated newness by unlearning the old and outdated beliefs and shifting the focus on the adversary, division, sickness, and evilness to focus on the new reality based on Unity, Virtues, and Love.  Can we rise above all of what happened in the past and what is happening globally? Can we remember that we are all ONE so we can build a great future? 


Now, it's Time...

To unite hearts in one intention, which radiates Love and appreciation for all. 
To cherish our Kingdom and mother earth that is still faithfully holding on and patiently waiting for us to change from within.
To wake up to a new great reality.
To see through the illusion of life.
To know that we all deserve to live in harmony and thrive on being happy.
To live according to a brand-new standard of Normal.
To Ascend…

Yes, we can, just if we deliberately think and behave according to the crucial fact that we have forgotten... God’s successors on earth 
To cultivate the power of interdependence that stems from a high level of consciousness 
To love for others what we love for ourselves
To show respect to mother Earth and the rest of the creatures that share this planet with us.
Just to think about the UTOPIA while believing in Love as a source energy of all creations.
To get ready witnessing Heaven on Earth.

Now it’s Time and the only Time to believe that we are all ONE.