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We are Awaken


"When we change/raise our consciousness, we will rise above the current limitation through a quantum leap."

                                                                           Eckhart Tolle


About Us


The middle phase of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

  • The recent past pandemic and its:

health, social, economic, and political consequences.

The challenging situation in world / Global Madness.

  • The recent change in Global Economy.

  • Artificial Intelligence.

  • The Schuman Resonance Elevations (Earth EMF) and its effect on humans. Impact of Schumann Resonance on Human Health | Recovery Systems (

  • The Maharishi Effect research and the applicability of meditation in Saudi culture.  Maharishi Effect | Research (


Ascension occurs when we have a deliberate intention to raise our frequency (vibration), and conscious awareness is associated with how our mind operates or thinks.  Hence, we create a new way of experiencing our reality by increasing frequencies related to thoughts and emotions. And through this process, we will experience ascension consciousness and awaken our minds.

Ascended collective consciousness is crucial in building and constructing the Kingdom Vision of 2030.

Ascension is expanding Awareness and rising frequencies into a higher level of consciousness of Love and Joy.  Individuals with high vibrations are striving to be the best version of themselves.

Ascension is deepening the knowledge and understanding of the correlative relationship between oneself and the universe. It's a process that is a natural part of our evolution as human beings and not the final destination.


The Ascended individuals will cultivate positive and functional attitudes that aid Saudi Arabia collective through this innovative program that align with Arabic culture and the core of Islamic principles.

This program is based on scientific studies that are related to the ancient teachings of meditation.

Ascension is starting from Saudi and can expand to the middle east and the rest of the world. 


Ascension SA- 2030

Live without fear of change

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